10 Worst Rental Car Smash-Ups!


“Hmm… what if I get rear-ended out there?”

Getting into a car accident is problematic, to be sure. Be the uncertainty that comes with a rental car wreck can be even worse. Many people simply don’t know what to do because most car rental agencies offer insurance programs that are more complicated than astrophysics!

Before you get yourself into a hellish rental car situation, make sure you know that you are covered. This may be through your own car insurance or perhaps a credit card that you have. What’s important is that you know these things before you ever get to a rental car counter, because it will come in handy should something happen, trust us.

Crunched up Kia


“Should’ve rented a SUV…”

This Kia compact vehicle was hit by a much larger vehicle. Remember that when you go cheap on a rental that these smaller cars sustain more damage than most.

It Came Out of Nowhere!


“I didn’t even see it coming…”

Often times when people rent a car, they are driving in an unfamiliar area. Sure, utility poles are everywhere, but you could hit one in a place you may least expect.

Cap’n Crunch


“Next time, I’ll park in the driveway perhaps.”

This rental was hit unsuspectingly as the driver was inside a friend’s house, proving nothing is worse than an accident than a hit and run, especially when the car’s not your own.



“A Nissan would have sufficed on this trip.”

This rented Ferrari was hit by a truck going down the road, badly damaging the front end. The more expensive the rental, the more expensive the damage will cost.

Side Impact


“Good thing I didn’t have a passenger.”

The “T-Bone” accident is one of the most damaging and expensive, because insurers don’t have to junk the vehicle, just pay for new parts.

Front End Fiasco


“I swear that rental is frowning at me!”

Even if accidents may not be your fault, some states have what’s known as a “no-fault” rule. Remember that when traveling, you’re subject to the laws of whatever state you’re in.



“I’m pretty sure that was not there when you rented it.”

It’s important to remember that whenever you rent a car that you take a quick look around the exterior to make sure it has not already been damaged.

Bent Fender


“The wheel seems slightly off.”

Even small rental car accidents can become problematic. Make sure that you understand how your insurance deductible will work for rentals.

Contact the Agency


“I would hold off calling the rental company, but my passenger can’t get out of the door.”

You should contact your rental agency as soon as you can after an accident, along with whoever is providing your car insurance.

It’s Not Your Own!


“Yeah, I was driving too fast.”

Many times people who rent cars act like they can abuse them. But what will happen if there’s an accident? Think about the consequences.

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