10 Bizarre Driving Statistics

We’ve used our SafeAuto blog to provide you with statistics about texting and driving, drinking and driving, driving accidents, gas prices, and many other interesting things. The state minimum auto insurance company aims to provide the most affordable car insurance in town, and today, we also want to provide you with 10 strange but interesting facts and statistics that you’ve probably never heard:

1. 350 people die every year entering the freeway the wrong way; at least 50 are killed by cars in driveways.

2. Studies have shown driving aggressively, which raises crash risk and increases fuel consumption, saves just a minute on a 27-mile trip.

3. Drivers seated higher think they are driving more slowly than drivers seated lower, and so tend to speed more often.

4. U.S. statistics show that half of all fatalities happen at impact speeds of less than 35 mph.

5. People who live on streets with more traffic spend less time outside and have fewer friends.

6. Saturday at 1 p.m. has heavier traffic than weekday rush hours.

7. Highways can handle more cars at 55 mph than 80 mph.

8. People are willing to spend longer walking to and from a parking spot in parking lots than on city streets.

9. A driver driving at 30 mph sees an average of 1320 pieces of information every minute.

10. After thirty seconds of waiting, most people will begin to cross against the light. People are more likely to jaywalk when well-dressed people do it first.

Many of these statistics prove just how unpredictable driving can be. Make sure you’re prepared for anything with reliable and affordable auto insurance from SafeAuto. Visit www.safeauto.com for your free quote today!

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