10 Easy Ways to Maximize Your Auto Performance

Every car lover wants to get the most out of his vehicle. But he doesn’t always know where to tweak or what to change in order to achieve his goal of maximum auto performance. And he doesn’t have thousands of dollars lying around to pay for complex and expensive solutions.

People like this are always looking for easy ways to get better results. So we asked the experts at Z1 Performance for tips on how anyone can maximize the performance of their cars. Here’s what they came up with:

  1. Boost your down force. Installing a racecar-class spoiler on the back of your car will increase the amount of force pushing down on your vehicle while reducing the lift on the rear part of the car. Many of these spoilers are easily adjustable to allow you to quickly alter the handling characteristics of your vehicle.
  1. Consider installing dedicated racing brakes. The best thing you can ask for from your brakes is that they provide consistent performance. The last thing you need is to sit in your car while waiting for your overheated brakes to cool off – and possibly waste valuable track time in the process.
  1. Make sure the parts are model-specific. So many auto parts out there are manufactured to “one-size-fits-all” specifications. Using parts that are specifically designed for your vehicle model and its purpose will pay dividends in your levels of performance.
  1. Find people who know your vehicle. Like auto parts, some performance advice is meant for most vehicles, as opposed to the car that you own. To get the most bang for your buck, find a shop or gearhead who knows all about the traits and nuances of your model of vehicle – and then pay close attention to the tips they give you.
  1. Think about flow forming wheels. Unless you’ve got money to burn, you may not be able to invest in forged wheels for your car. However, there’s a new wheel casting process called flow forming, which produces a wheel that’s both lightweight and strong. While these wheels are more expensive than traditional cast wheels, flow formed wheels only cost about half of what forged wheels do.
  1. “Shift” your bushings. Optimizing your transmission will lead to more precise shifts and better performance. An easy way to do this is to reduce shifter play by installing transmission member bushings made of a sturdy urethane material rather than cheap plastic or rubber.
  1. Don’t neglect the starter. If you’re noticing some sluggish performance, it might be your ignition system You may be able to address that issue with an ignition refresh kit that’s both affordable and easy to install.
  1. Don’t overlook your fluids. You’re probably good about changing your oil. But if you forget about doing the same for brake fluid, transmission fluid, and the other liquids which clean and lubricate your engine parts, your auto performance will suffer.
  1. Think safety. If you do a lot of racing, then you might want to think about putting a rollcage, racing steering wheel, or multi-point harness into your baby. It’s hard to place a value on peace of mind when you’re pushing your car to the limit.
  1. Be a student again. Never stop learning about your car and how to make it better. This means asking questions and seeking out advice from people who know about maximizing automotive performance.

Not only will all of these changes improve your car’s performance, but they may also lower your auto insurance rates. Now that’s a win-win.

Image: z1auto.com

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