10 Geekiest Aftermarket Car Accessories

Look, geeks have to drive just like everyone else. But most of them want to pimp out their ride in style. That’s right, geek-style. So we went on the hunt to find the awesomest geek accessories you can get for your car. No one likes commuting all that much, but if you can help personalize the experience, then all the better. So let’s get down to automotive geekness, shall we?

10. Super Grip Dash Pad

Price: $2.59

Keep your gear all in one spot with this pad. It’s a much better solution for your gadgets than the sticky residue from old Mountain Dew bottles laying around to keep things in place. Whew!


9. Android Car Diagnostic Kit

Price: $99.99

Now you don’t have to go to the shop every time you get a “check engine” light in your car; you can check it yourself! What a relief!


8. Star Trek Fish Emblem

Price: $7.99

Show some intergalactic love for warp speeds and photon torpedoes with this shiny fish (or Enterprise) shaped ornament. You’ll have people riding your tail totally confused.


7. USB Power Adapter

Price: $7.99

In an ideal nerd world, every receptacle would be in the shape of USB – outlets, connectors and even faucets. Until that day comes, however, we’ll have to settle for an adapter.


6. Biometric Car Security System

Price: $195

Concerned about your car getting stolen? With this baby, you’ll have no worries. You should even be able to save on car insurance by having one of these on board.


5. Will Work For Bandwidth License Plate Holder

Price: $4.99

In need of more flow to get those awesome YouTube clips to play in HD without buffering? Yeah, you know who you are. Show it off with this accessory.


4. Linux Sticker

Price: $1.99

Ain’t nothing better than the real thing. You’ll throw tones of people off by making them think you have love for some strange and far-flung airport code. Sweetness.


3. Cassette MP3 Player

Price: $15.67

Some cars still aren’t quite fitted for this digital age. That’s what this puppy is for. So throw some Foghat MP3s onto a spare SD card, use your car’s tape player and jam out like there’s no tomorrow!


2. In-Car Microwave

Price: $249

Who needs drive-thru? With the WaveBox microwave oven, you can eat Hot Pockets on the go by just plugging this thing into your car’s power outlet.


1. Infrasonic Field Wave Pulse Generator

Price: Unknown – but probably expensive

This may be the geekiest of gadgets for your car (look at the name). What does it do? Little is actually known, but it’s probably a really advanced radar detector of some type.

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