10 Most Dangerous Roads Around the World

Driving is a dangerous activity, and that’s specifically why you always need to have car insurance. But most roads are fairly safe and flat. Imagine if you had to drive every day on a road that is perched on a cliff or some other dangerous condition; you might think about drinking an extra cup of coffee before beginning your commute. So feel lucky. Because even though driving as a whole is a risky activity, some of these routes are utterly dangerous every single time they are driven, and not just because of traffic.


10. Pakistan By Truck

How would you enjoy driving through snowy mountain landscapes? OK, maybe that sounds fun, but what if you’re driving a LARGE TRUCK?

9. Himalayan Craziness

When you think Himalayas, you think icy conditions. Well, not always as seen here. The driver in this video is apparently used to moving really fast.


8. Would You Cross This Bridge?

Seriously, this is a floating bridge. Literally. We’ve heard of suspension cables, but this is ridiculous! And check out the other bridges in this video for more hair-raising excitement.


7. Directly Down

Another shot directly from Pakistan. In this one, you can see what’s at stake: if you slip up, you’re essentially diving off a cliff.


6. Mountainous Yemen

The peaks in Yemen are truly beautiful. But don’t let that distract you, because the tiny brick wall at the edge of the road is not going to stop your vehicle from going over.


5. Why So Narrow?

Not only is this Bolivian road on a mountain, but there are wet conditions as well. And the road is so narrow that it would only take one slick spot to finish you off.


4. China-Pakistan Border

They say that Osama Bin Laden is hidden in hills like these. It’s no wonder that we haven’t been able to find him – he’s not driving anywhere!


3. Rocky Road

This stretch of road seems so bumpy, you’d wonder if the shocks went out on this vehicle. Although it doesn’t really look like any type of suspension would help smooth out this ride.


2. Hawaiian One Lane Bridges

In Hawaii, they don’t make two lane bridges for two lane roads. At least not on this road to a place called Hana. You just have to deal with it.


1. Indian Traffic, Taxicab Style

When you’re an Indian cab driver, you are paid by the fare. So the best way to make money is to drive as fast as possible, and ignore right-of-way rules. Welcome to dangerous flat-lands.


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