10 Most Groundbreaking Cars of All Time

Every now and then, a car comes along that’s not just popular, stylish, or innovative; no, it’s quite a bit more than that. It redefines how people look at cars and raises the bar for what automakers will do in the future. These select few models actually mark seminal moments in global transportation history.

Presenting … the 10 most groundbreaking cars of all time.


1908 Model T Ford  

This one’s an easy choice, because it’s the first-ever mass-produced car. Without it, there would have been no assembly line, no conveyor belt, and no auto union strikes.



1959 British Motor Company Mini  

It was the first small car to place the engine across the front of the car instead of longitudinally, giving it more interior room. This made it attractive for families, as well as groups of clowns.



1938 Volkswagen Beetle  

It’s the best-selling single model car in history, and the first import car to gain significant market share in the U.S. That’s enough to make you forget that it was largely Hitler’s brainchild.



1955 Citroen DS  

This “futuristic” vehicle was the first to incorporate several then-innovative features that are taken for granted today. These included power steering, power front wheel disc brakes, four-wheel independent suspension, and hands-free cell phone capability. (Okay, maybe not that last one…)


1972 Honda Civic  

It was the first widely-popular car in the U.S. that came from Japan, and it changed the dynamics of the American car market forever. Before that, Japan was only known for sushi, samurai swords, and Godzilla.



1980 Audi Quattro

This was the first mass-produced high-performance car with all-wheel drive. It was also the vehicle that put Audi on the automotive map — although it would still be several years before the average American would stop saying “Awdee.”



1964 Ford Mustang 

It still holds the record as the fastest-selling car in history. It represents the quintessential “pony” car; one with a big engine in a compact car that’s affordable — with a back seat that’s just big enough for making out.



1986 Porsche 959 

Not only was it the fastest car on the road in its time, but it was the first Porsche to utilize advanced technology and innovation to maximize performance instead of relying on brute force. In other words, it was more like Iron Man and less like The Hulk.


1948 Ford F-150 pickup  

It’s the first of what would later become the best-selling pickup truck model in the U.S. Throughout the years, it has become a fixture in American farming, construction, and country music.




1984 Plymouth Voyager 

It was the first bona fide minivan to hit the U.S. market. Millions of Americans who have opted for convenience and cargo room over style and dignity can trace their roots back to this very vehicle. You’re welcome.


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