10 Movie Car Stunts That Would Totally Void Your Insurance Policy

If you think your auto insurance premiums are high now, then think about what they would be if people drove like this in real life. While it might seem insanely cool to have cars jumping each other and exploding during your morning commute, who would want to pay the deductible? Leave these stunts to the pros:


Very Mad Max


Mad Mel throws an object into his enemy’s windshield, causing a massive accident. Hey, isn’t Gibson’s career a massive accident anyways?


A Mini Through Paris


Most car chase stunts are performed by fire-breathing sports cars. But Jason Bourne doesn’t roll that way. He’d prefer to get away in a relic, because that’s his style.


Bullitt – Uninsurable


This is one of the most iconic car chases in film history. The reason is because it is shot so well, and because Steve McQueen is way cool. They just don’t make ‘em like this anymore.




The Fast and the Furious franchise started out with this incredible street racing scene (here set to a techno beat). A whole lot of fast, but where’s the furious?


Cops in Ferraris


In Bad Boys II, the good guys are hunting down a semi truck in a Ferrari, dodging cars getting launched from an auto carrier, and an exploding boat. This is a totally plausible sequence, right? Not really, but it’s badass nonetheless.


BMW vs. Peugeot


The move Ronin has a great car chase scene featuring an unlikely matchup between car manufacturers. Does anyone think that the Peugeot can actually WIN?


Hummer vs. Ferrari


Would you insure either Sean Connery or Nicolas Cage? You certainly wouldn’t after taking in this scene from The Rock that was shot in San Francisco.


More Max!


We love Mel Gibson’s Mad Max character so much we thought we’d bring you the sequel’s top stunt. Since this is an apocalyptic world, no insurance is needed!


Cannonball Lamborghini


Cannonball Run was one of the top car movies of its time. This opening scene pitting cops against a supercar is why you don’t mess with Lamborghinis.


The Bluesmobile


The Blues Brothers were pretty musical, but did you know that they were also great drivers? Here’s every car chase scene from this amazing movie, condensed into one amazing montage!


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