10 Reasons to Follow SafeAuto Insurance on Twitter!

Social Networking is still in its infancy stages. Still, the debate between whether Facebook or Twitter is more superior can get heated between users. Luckily, SafeAuto Insurance tweets and updates their status so web browsers don’t have to choose between one and the other. For those of you who don’t follow SafeAuto Insurance, the following ten reasons will convince you to Play it Safe on Twitter!

1.) Commercial Reactions – SafeAuto is known for their memorable commercials. When you mention the word “SafeAuto,” the famous 1-800-SAFEAUTO jingle instantly comes to mind. The Twitter community gives us their opinion, and we respond!

2.) Interesting Facts- Who would have known that SafeAuto has a cornhole championship trophy on display in their cafeteria? SafeAuto tweets random, quirky, and entertaining facts.

3.) Hashtags – If you are unfamiliar with hashtags, they are often inserted in a tweet before relevant keywords. You’ll just have to check SafeAuto on Twitter to see how we incorporated #mustangsally and #littledeucecoupe into our post.

4.) Contests- While we constantly run contests on Facebook, we give our Twitter followers “hints” as to what the contest will be before they go public. We don’t reveal too much information since Twitter only gives us 140 characters.

5.) UFC Fighters – SafeAuto Insurance is a proud sponsor of the UFC. While you might not want to start an argument with a fighter face-to-face, constant retweets from SafeAuto Fight Team members allow you to take jabs from afar. (However, trash talking won’t have much merit with SafeAuto Fight Team members due to their stellar record in the Octagon).

6.) In the Pits – SafeAuto Insurance is also a proud sponsor of SafeAuto Racing and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Driver Johnny Sauter and the No.13 SafeAuto Insurance truck. You’ll feel like you’re in the passenger seat with our in-depth race-day coverage.

7.) User Response – If you have a problem and let SafeAuto know about it on Twitter, we will have a customer service representative get back to you immediately. If we get a compliment, you’re more likely to get a shout-out via retweet. (:

8.) Humor – Providing drivers with state minimum auto insurance coverage is something we take seriously. While we don’t consider ourselves comedians, we try and keep it light on Twitter.

9.) Entertainment – If you’re bored or just procrastinating your to-do list, scroll down our 830 plus tweets and you’ll surely be amused.

10.) Content – You’ll definitely retweet our material after seeing videos like this and articles like this

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