10 Weirdest Car Insurance Commercials of All Time

In the days of yore, insurance companies were conservative and boring, and their TV ads reflected that. Over the last few decades, the trend has reversed: now insurance companies are outdoing each other to be sure they leave an impression through outrageous, funny, and downright weird commercials. Here are our picks for ten of the strangest.  Would any of these commercials make you want to buy their auto insurance?


Pulled Over


Drinking and driving? Speeding? All of these things can cause your insurance to get jacked up. But this commercial, from Washington’s Vern Fonk Insurance, confronts it all with some police brutality to cap it off.


The Worst Cartoon Ever


If you’re going to use a cartoon to sell car insurance, at least make it good. With the voices in this spot not even synced to the mouth movement, we’re pretty sure this commercial was produced by a son of a friend of the CEO.


Hot Ride


One question: What in heaven’s name does this have to do with insurance?

Eagle Man: Up For an Academy Award


This has to be the worst acting not just in an insurance commercial, but in any commercial, ever. And we’re not even talking about the woman, we’re talking about the eagle. Let’s be thankful that when the bird squatted down, only an egg appeared, because we expected something much, much worse.


Insuring Women Only


Yes, men do stupid and dangerous things with their cars. So perhaps a company that only insures women is smart. Somehow we think if the sexes were reversed, however, this commercial wouldn’t be considered so funny.


Back to the Future of Insurance


Another bizarro ad from Vern Fonk Insurance, which frequently runs movie and commercial parodies. The company’s tagline, “Honk for Fonk,” encourages drivers to honk as they pass by Vern Fonk’s office. Can you imagine trying to work in the building next to him?


Bank Attack


Here’s a rare commercial that actually explains what the insurance company does for you, but does it through a hilarious setup involving those tube thingys at the bank and a curious six-year-old kid. It crosses the line into weirdness with the trumpet at the end – did the driver run over a marching band?


The Worst Abe Lincoln Impersonation Ever


If the name of this company wasn’t Lincoln Auto Insurance, we wouldn’t have even known who the guy was trying to imitate. And we’re pretty sure Mary Todd Lincoln didn’t own a lot of hot pants.


Pimpin’ Out


Another classy ad from Lincoln Auto Insurance. At least they’re getting their money’s worth out of the googly-eye glasses prop.




There’s more weird and random craziness happening in this commercial than should be allowed by law. But you have to admit, after you see it once, you want to just randomly holler, “SHAPOOPI!”


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