1st iPad Car Installation Will Inevitably Lead To 1st iPad Car Crash

I don’t mean to be a predictor of doom and gloom to come, but I cannot see how having an iPad mounted into your dashboard will help you drive safer. 

Sure, it can become an amazing display for google maps or a killer way to listen to Pandora or your iTunes collection while you drive.  But in reality, the ability to watch your Netflix queue or surf the web will probably lead to a lot of distracted drivers. 

On the bright side, it will now be very easy to update your facebook status by letting your friends know that you are on your way to the hospital, and with foursquare, you can even see which of your friends are in the vicinity to visit you. 

No word yet on how this will affect auto insurance prices, as the question “Do you have a potentially lethal distraction mounted in your dashboard” is not yet common on most car insurance quotes. 

[Source: YouTube]

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