2 New Fast and the Furious Movies? Vin Diesel Says Its So

In what can only be viewed as sweet revenge for all the people who were angered about Tokyo Drifts’ inclusion on the the “Worst” section of The 5 Best and Worst Car Movies of All Time, it looks like Vin Diesel has confirmed via his Facebook page that we should expect two more installments of a movie franchise that has already lived 4 lives.  Apparently Fast and the Furious is getting into the hallowed 6-film territory of Star Wars and Star Trek, which is pretty impressive considering that they have yet to take place in outer space (wait, I hope I didn’t just give away a plot line). 

Mr. Diesel’s facebook is actually quite good, as he is currently giving updates and pics about the work he is doing in Haiti to help the victims of the recent earthquake. 

[Source: Vin Diesel’s facebook page]

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