20 Interesting Stats About Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets can be a major source of revenue for your local government, and a major drain on your wallet.  According to this infographic from autoinsurance.org, a 10% decrease in a city’s economic growth leads to a 6.4% increase in tickets issued. You’ve got to make up the gap somewhere right? 

The stats presented in the graphic make you want to shake your head, or feel lucky that you don’t live in Germany, where speeding fines can reach up to $16 million (not a typo). 

Either way, in these tough economic times, one can ill afford to rack up speeding tickets, both from a possible fine standpoint, to the impact that it could have on your auto insurance rates. Click the pic at the left to see the entire infographic and ease your foot off the pedal…unless you’ve got around $16 million to spare.

[Source: autoinsurance.org]

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