Three Ways to Clean Your Foggy Headlights

Your car – it’s your baby. When your baby has a little cough, you want to make it better. In this case, that little cough is actually a set of cloudy headlights. Fear not! It’s an easy fix.  But even better than finding a fix is preventing the problem in the first place. Why are my headlights foggy? There are […]

What Should Tire Pressure Be in Summer?

With August right around the corner, staying cool is on everyone’s mind. With such high temperatures outside, it can make our cars more difficult to safely preserve. When thinking about how to properly maintain our cars in the heat, the first thing to focus on is the air pressure in our tires. Why do I need to worry about my […]

What to Do About Windshield Damage

If you are a regular commuter, it’s not uncommon to experience windshield damage. A crack or chip in your windshield can seem harmless enough but can grow into a bigger issue if left unchecked. As your windshield is vital to your visibility while driving, it needs to be free of damage or obstructions. In most states, it’s illegal to drive […]