What to Do if You Lock Your Keys in the Car

Locking your keys in the car can easily make any day a bad day. A perfectly great afternoon loses its luster the moment you realize your keys are in your car, locked inside a cage of glass and steel. You have places to be, things to do—and you need your car to do them all. With the keys locked inside, […]

Do You Need Accident Health Insurance?

No matter where you work, what industry you work in, or what types of equipment you use, you will run into safety risks. We do our best to minimize these risks, but the truth is, anyone can get injured on the job.  We’re not just talking about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome — maybe you need to operate a forklift at work. […]

My Car Was Just Recalled – Now What?

When you learn about a safety issue with your car –the car you depend on to get you where you need to be – it certainly raises concern. Once you hear about a car safety recall on your vehicle, it can be overwhelming to figure out what you’re supposed to do. Knowing what your options are and what steps you […]

What to Do When You Notice Car Rust

Rust (n): Rust, also known as iron oxide, forms on iron or steel and will eat a hole through your car and wallet if it goes untreated. By catching it early, you can prevent a costly expense and keep yourself safe as a rusted car can be dangerous. Preventing car rust When the iron in steel reacts with the oxygen […]