Know Before You Go: How to Drive in the Snow

Snowstorms swept across the U.S. this week, from northeast to west. If you were lucky, you only saw a few small flurries or maybe winter skipped over your town entirely. For the rest of us, white powder coated our homes, cars, and the roads, bringing with it the customary traffic and panic it does each season that makes our commutes […]

Holiday Driving Safety Tips

With the biggest holidays of the year right around the corner, roadways and parking lots are consistently busy throughout the biggest shopping event of the year. Thus, with everyone milling about this month, December brings about a few unique risks that could land drivers in a collision. Throughout the month, drivers are consistently hitting the roadways to accomplish their to-do […]

How Auto Manufacturers Are Making Cars Safer

When you tune in to the news, you might hear about the latest recall in the auto industry. These days, we have higher standards than ever when it comes to vehicle safety. As new technology becomes available, car manufacturers are constantly testing and adjusting the makes and models of their line of cars to ensure drivers and passengers are protected […]

National Drunk Driving Prevention Month

After we’ve shared our thanks with our loved ones, the holiday spirit commences with the last month of the year. December marks a time on all our calendars designated for us to spend time with loved ones and spread festive cheer in preparation for the years’ biggest Holiday. However, on a less cheery note, December is also observed as National […]

How to Defrost Your Car

It’s pretty much unanimous: winter is a hard time of year for everyone. Even if you enjoy the beauty of snowflakes swirling in the air, when you’re confronted with an icy car, the wintry magic fades. It’s no fun to spend an hour chipping away at the frosty exterior of your vehicle with cold hands, especially when you’re trying to […]