Railroad Crossing Safety: What You Need to Know

Years ago, it was common for people to use the railway system as a means of transportation. Nowadays, traveling by bus, personal automobile, or plane are more commonly used methods. However, according to the Association of American Railroads, approximately 5 million tons of goods are delivered every day to ports, distribution centers, businesses and more by way of American railroads. […]

Three Ways to Sanitize Your Car

We spend so much time in our cars, it’s not surprising that at some point, we all eat there, drink there, and inevitably spread germs there. Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of your car’s inner surfaces can help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. This is especially important if you have others riding in your car. If you haven’t done […]

Seatbelts: Why You Should Buckle Up

Safety devices are very important to use in our everyday lives, especially when we’re behind the wheel. Despite all the technological advancements that have been made over the years to motor vehicle safety, none of them are as critically important to consistently use than a seat belt is. In fact, the simple act of buckling up before every ride is […]

The In’s and Out’s of Dental Insurance

From a young age, we’ve all been told to brush and floss our teeth. Aside from keeping them white and preventing cavities, oral hygiene is so important for our bodies. Research has shown that the failure to maintain good oral health can lead to a diminished quality of life and potential medical complications like heart disease, respiratory diseases, Alzheimer’s, malnutrition, […]

Buying vs. Leasing a Vehicle

You want to get a new car, but where do you start? There are so many makes and models to consider with hundreds of different features, and the number of car dealerships to shop at is endless. Before you get too far into your search, there’s one major decision you need to make: should you buy or lease? If you’re […]

5 Car Smells You Can’t Ignore

We’ve all been there – you’ve started your day, driving along in your car and you notice something smells off. You’re able to decipher it isn’t a smell from inside the car from forgotten garbage, it’s more concerning than that. Although you are unaware where it’s coming from, you know this smell means that something is wrong with your car’s […]

Renter’s Insurance: What is It and Do You Need It?

Many people are finding it harder and harder to afford purchasing a home. So, if you’re not paying a mortgage or living with friends or family, what are your options? More than likely, renting an apartment or condo is your best bet. In fact, a 2017 news article published by CNBC stated that approximately 37% of households rented their home, […]

SafeAuto Teams Up with AssuranceAmerica

For more than 25 years, Safe Auto has provided affordable car insurance to the drivers who need it most. Now, SafeAuto is expanding its offerings by partnering up with AssuranceAmerica. By associating with AssuranceAmerica, Safe Auto can provide more pricing options to consumers in the states of Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, and Texas. Thus, we will be making SafeAuto offerings that […]