The Perfect Spring Cleaning Check List for Cleaning Your Car

This morning, you awoke to the sound of birds chirping. As you enjoy these last few weeks of springtime, there’s still time to fit in a spring-cleaning project. Our suggestion? Give your car a good wipe down. We spend so much time in our vehicles, but they’re often the last place we think to clean. […]

Pedestrian Safety Tips

With the weather warming up, most of us are enjoying any free time we have outside. Given that, the likelihood of having to cross a street or two can be quite frequent, especially if you live near a city. Although we’ve all learned and practiced the basic pedestrian safety tips of looking both ways and […]

5 Drive Safe Apps Every Driver Should Have

Our smartphones are an integral part of our routine these days, and the top phone apps help enhance our experience at every cornerstone of our daily lives. In fact, it seems that there’s an app for everything, right? Well, there are great safe driving apps for iPhone and Android that are designed to help us […]

6 Tips for a Safe Memorial Day Holiday

For many of us, Memorial Day is a time for us to kick off summer by celebrating our freedom and enjoying ourselves. With the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic that is causing us all to continue social-distancing, this Memorial Day holiday may not feel as freeing as usual. Even so, it’s still an important day to salute […]

SafeAuto CEO Leads by Example During the Worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic

Across the U.S, states are weighing the pros and cons of rolling back COVID-19 restrictions put in place to protect their citizens. Businesses are faced with the same question: is it safe to open their doors? CEO Ron Davies is leading the charge from our Columbus-based headquarters with cautious optimism. Growth amid adversity Davies relayed […]

Three Reasons People Choose State Minimum Car Insurance

If you’re responsible for carrying your car insurance, you may have wondered at some point, “Why would anyone choose state minimum insurance?” On paper, more coverage is helpful and will aid you in a variety of situations should something go wrong while you’re driving, but still, people choose state minimum coverage. Let’s review why consumers […]

10 Items You Should Not Leave in a Hot Car

Although we’re still dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, May is in full bloom. The sun is beginning to shine a little brighter, the flowers are beginning to show their colors, and the sweat’s beginning to pour a little faster. And, of course, with warmer temperatures comes a new way of thinking about the items […]

Safely Sharing the Road with Cyclists

It’s that time of year again. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping and it’s National Bike Month, which means it’s time for you to share the road with cyclists. Bicyclists have rights on the roadways, just like regular drivers do. In this article, we’ll be breaking down some of the ways in […]

Rubble and damage from a natural disaster
September 8, 2021

How to Be Prepared for Disaster

September is National Preparedness Month, raising awareness for the importance to know what to do in case of emergency. We are participating this year by creating a one-stop guide for everything you need to know about keeping your family safe.   There are four key things to do to have the best safety plan possible:  Make a Plan […]

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a person reaching into their glove box
September 10, 2021

Documents You Should Always Keep in Your Car

Our cars can carry some of our most precious cargo – children, spouses, parents, pets – but it can also carry so many other things too. Unlike that stale french fry under the driver’s seat and the extra hair band in the center console, there are some things that should always be in your car […]

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Red car
August 27, 2021

Car Insurance 102: Car Insurance Myths

Whether you’re shopping for car insurance, a new tv, or a new pair of sneakers, it’s best to know the facts about what you’re buying. We’ve all heard the line that red cars are more expensive to insure, but is that really true? SafeAuto is here to break down some common misconceptions about car insurance.  Myth #1: Men pay […]

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Red car on a road
August 2, 2021

We Got You: SafeAuto Giving Away $25,000 in Uber Rides

Labor Day is often considered the celebration of the end of summer. When celebrating any event, alcohol consumption is usually involved. Unfortunately, Labor Day is no different – and considered one of the most dangerous holidays of the year. According to the National Safety Council, during Labor Day weekend, 38% of fatalities involved an alcohol-impaired driver. That’s a […]

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July 19, 2021

Car Insurance Terms You “Auto-Know”

Have you ever tried to read your car insurance policy and stumbled across something that you didn’t understand? You’re not alone. Car insurance lingo can be confusing, which is why SafeAuto is here to help. Here are some commonly used, and sometimes misunderstood, insurance terms and what they really mean.  Comprehensive & Collision Coverage – Comprehensive coverage is coverage for those “freak accidents” that sometimes occur – theft or vandalism […]

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