How Your Driving Habits Affect Your Teen

All children inherit certain qualities from their parents. Some of these are physical traits, like the color of their eyes or how tall they will grow, but children can also inherit learned traits that they’ve been exposed to and have picked up from their parents. It may surprise you to hear that your driving habits can also be inherited by […]

Top High Tech Car Gadgets to Have This Summer

With today’s top technological advancements, there are various technological solutions to help you make your next summer drive a little bit more fun for everyone when you hit the road. Whether you’re heading in to work or gearing up for a summer road trip,  these apps could help you make your drive that much more seamless. Whether it be safety […]

How to Prevent Overheating Cars

As we enter the dog days of summer, the sun is high is the sky, beating down on us and our cars with its warm rays. Soon, you’ll head to the store, pop inside to pick up groceries, and come back out to discover your car has turned into an oven in mere minutes. And while you can climb inside […]

Do Driving Video Games Make You a Bad Driver?

Video games have exploded into popularity in the last 20 years, and with that demand, the rise of games in which you can drive has grown, too. There are many popular games, such as Grand Theft Auto or Mario Cart, that are built entirely around driving. You may have wondered to yourself at some point, “Do video games that encourage […]

Driving Position: Why it Matters

We’ve all been there-you’re driving your daily commute, or your weekly errands and you start to feel an ache spread across your shoulders, your neck, and your back. Those everyday aches you experience while you’re behind the wheel can be due in large part to your driving position. Although the type of car we drive can also be a cause […]