Safe Cars for Teens

As a teen, there’s no bigger milestone than finally getting a driver’s license. It’s exciting and the first real taste of independence. For a parent, it means the baby bird is about to leave the nest. Every 16-year-old equipped with a driver’s license dreams of the same thing: having their own car. There are a lot of factors to consider […]

Cars of the Future: Cool Car Features Coming Our Way

With all the technological advancements happening around us, it’s hard to imagine that car technology could go even further than it already has. In the past few years, modern cars have been upgraded to warn you if you are going to veer into another lane, alert you when another car is too close to yours, brake automatically to prevent collisions, […]

SafeAuto Keeps ‘The Rest of Us’ Covered Amid Pandemic

For more than 25 years, Safe Auto Group Agency, Inc. (SafeAuto) has provided affordable car insurance to those who need it most, when they need it most. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the country, SafeAuto is working vigorously to do their part to help customers stay covered on the road ahead. Since April, SafeAuto has made several payment […]

Are You Following These Three Crucial Traffic Laws?

For new and experienced drivers alike, it is imperative to follow traffics laws, both for driver and pedestrian safety. There’s a lot to know in order to do your part to ensure everyone is safe on the roadways. If you haven’t been driving in a while, it can feel overwhelming to review the various laws in place to keep us […]