4 Very Strange Things People Do In Cars

Forgive the ’80s flashback, but it pretty much sums up the attitude most people seem to have about their cars. They’re only supposed to be transportation, but people seem to view them as gyms, reading rooms, just about anything. Here are four examples. (Try getting car insurance when you spend your time in your vehicle doing this!)

#4) Practicing Your Soccer Moves

Far be it from us to make fun of Oscar: after all, he can keep that ball in the air much longer than we can. We just have a few questions for him that this clip seems unable to answer: first of all, why are you trying this in a compact car? Wouldn’t an SUV make more sense? Heck, get an Excursion and you could probably field a one-on-one scratch game. Secondly, why practice your soccer technique in the back seat? Wouldn’t doing it in the front seat be more impressive? Finally, what do you do, precisely, when you whack the driver in the back of the head with the ball and he swerves into traffic?

#3) Nose picking

Psychologists believe that because cars limit your ability to interact with the outside world, you believe that you’re in a quiet, lonely shell where nobody can see what you’re doing. This encourages all sorts of, let’s be honest, disgusting behavior. But it’s rare that people would pick their nose where somebody could film it, right?

We’ll spare you the rest of the videos, but suffice it to say, apparently a lot of people really enjoy picking their nose while driving. We’re not sure why, but we really hope they’ve got lots of tissues handy. Or at least fastidiously clean the steering wheel before loaning their cars out.

#2) Clowning Around…Literally

We’re not really sure what inspired this guy to start clowning to random people on this highway in Canada. We really hope that dressing up like a clown is his job and he just happened to see people staring, so he played to his audience. The other option is that he actually does this for a hobby, and we’re not really sure whether it’s deeply creepy or just really sad.

#1) Filming Yourself Singing In the Car

This might be the most baffling trend on YouTube: people going out, setting up a camera, and filming their friends singing while they drive. We’re not kidding. There are dozens of videos, usually of…varying quality. For example:

What we like about this one is the terrified choreography. That guy on the left looks like he’s being hunted by the Techno Car Police.

What about you, dear readers? What have you seen in cars that you can’t quite believe?

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