5 Body Shop Nightmares You Won’t Believe

Ever had your vehicle crunched up like a hard-shell taco, requiring a visit to the body shop? You rely on automotive body shops to fix whatever problem you have on your car’s frame.

Sometimes, though, body shops do their best to fix things, but you car comes back even worse than before. I’m not sure how much your insurance company can cover blatant incompetence like the following examples, but it’s best to have great car insurance, just in case.

Here’s a look at 5 Body Shop Nightmares – and yes, all these are real!

Worst Corvette Paint Job

A Corvette owner decided to get a body kit and paint job on his car. He was shocked to find all sorts of blemishes when he got the car back, like burnishes from a sandblaster that was used during the process. You can just feel the anger here as he used a photo editor to put all these arrows where things were totally screwed up. Don’t infuriate a Corvette owner!


Too Much Clear Coat

Clear Coat is normally used to protect a car’s paint job from stones and other small hazards. It’s not supposed to be applied to windshields! You can see the shine here that could blind oncoming drivers. Whoever was working the Clear Coat station at the shop that day must have been new. Really new.


Paintjob from Hell

If you’re going to pay for a custom paint job for your ride, you want it to look cool, right? That’s the whole point, otherwise you’d stick with the factory option. Well, this poor guy got a bad deal, since his car officially resembles a high school cinderblock hallway. So creative.


Two Front Ends

It’s bad enough owning one 1976 Honda Civic, so it’s doubly offensive to add another front end to such an ugly car. Hey, where do you fill up the gas tank on a configuration like this? Does it even matter whether you put this jalopy in drive gear, or reverse?


You Want the Porsche? You Can’t Handle the Porsche!

You’ve got to be delicate with a Porsche. They’re like wild horses. Sometimes people need to understand that. They also need to understand that if you’re going to drive a car out of the garage, you need to actually open the door.

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