5 Craziest Tunnel Crashes Caught on Film

Make no mistake; tunnels are intriguing but dangerous passageways to drive through. Most people don’t even think about the risks of tunnel traffic accidents. If a mishap occurs there could be some serious problems for those who happen to be involved. If any of the following situations happen to you, it’s sure going to be helpful to have some good car insurance because inside a tunnel, there’s nowhere to go but into a wall or some other structural element.


Russian Tunnel Madness


This is a very long city tunnel in Russia, and it appears that it must get pretty slick on this stretch of road. Either that or these drivers are possibly getting pretty slick off of Vodka. Kudos to the dual bus driver in this clip, he knows how to handle things! Very professional.


Not Paying Attention


Important safety note: if you’re going to be driving in a tunnel, you need to be paying attention. See, you’ll never know when someone is stopped in front of you if you aren’t actually looking straight out of the windshield. Paying attention is helpful no matter where you are, but in this situation it’s paramount.




This is a beautifully captured (well not for the driver of the car) sequence of a small snafu turning into a serious problem when you’re in a tunnel. It would probably be pretty hard for the truck driver to be able to even see this Mercedes change a lane like that!


Clearance Problems


This is crane craziness! Apparently this driver was in a hurry or something, because he didn’t seem to even notice that his payload was generating massive amounts of sparks. It sure is a good thing that there weren’t a whole lot of cars around, and that there were no injuries other than equipment damage.


Motorcycle + Tunnel = Danger


Here is a clip of a motorcycle rider on a police chase. Amazingly, this guy gets back up and starts trying to limp away after being completely flipped over when he essentially does a faceplant into the front of an opposing police car. Obviously you should try to avoid tunnels and cop cars while on a motorcycle.



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