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5 Drive Safe Apps Every Driver Should Have

Drive safe apps
May 21, 2020

Our smartphones are an integral part of our routine these days, and the top phone apps help enhance our experience at every cornerstone of our daily lives. In fact, it seems that there’s an app for everything, right? Well, there are great safe driving apps for iPhone and Android that are designed to help us out on the road.

These great free apps are designed to make driving quicker, simpler, and more fun. Whether your biggest headache is finding directions or knowing what activity is happening on the roadways in real-time to help plan your route, there’s a smartphone app available to help you out.

Even though we can’t control traffic or disruptions that occur on the roadways, we can be more efficient when we are behind the wheel. Nowadays, there is a variety of driving apps that can make any drive interactive and simple for us to have access to while we’re on the road. Here is our list of essential drive safe apps you should download and use to play it safe while enjoying the road ahead.

Drive safe apps

The list of drive safe apps every driver should have

1. Waze. Before hitting the road for any and all of your trips, Waze is the go-to GPS app. Not only does it give you route options and turn-by-turn directions to all your destinations, but it also shows you a real-time look at the activity that’s occurring on the road ahead of you. Whether it be a cop, an object on the road, or upcoming construction, Waze has your back. In fact, Waze uses a community of drivers that show interactive maps to provide you with proposed leave times to help you reach your destination at your desired ETA. Now, that’s a driving monitor app we can all depend on!  

2. BBC Weather. Everyone knows how much weather can impact a journey and can lead to either an enjoyable drive or an epic nightmare. That’s why BBC weather is the go-to weather app for reliable forecasting that helps drivers plan before getting behind the wheel. Additionally, it has an attractive user-friendly interface that shows you real-time weather changes as you continue your drive.

3. Parkopedia. We’ve all been there – you have reached your destination, and you’re having difficulty finding a place to park. Well, you’re in luck – there’s an app for that! Parkopedia helps users find parking that’s close to their destination and provides the cost associated with parking there. Additionally, Parkopedia allows you to book parking ahead of time in order to know not only exactly where you’re going, but where you can park your car before you arrive.

4. GasBuddy. Getting gas is a part of every driver’s experience, whether it be something you’re thinking about in the back of your mind or if it’s an immediate need. GasBuddy is the app for you to figure out not only where the nearest gas stations are to you, but it also lets you know how much it will cost you. As we know, every penny you save counts. Now, that’s an app you can count on!

5. Roadtrippers. Heading out for an adventure? Roadtrippers has everything you need! Before enjoying the road ahead for a long trip, you can use this app to help you collaborate with other users, find off-beat destinations with reviews, and plan and save your itinerary. Finally, an app that makes road trips that much more fun!

The bottom line.

When it comes to driving, technology is at our fingertips to make the time spent in our cars that much more enjoyable. As always, these apps are meant to be used safely, and not to cause distraction while drivers are behind the wheel.

It’s no secret that warmer weather conditions can make spending time in the car that much more fun. Even so, it’s important to do our part in protecting ourselves and other drivers while behind the wheel as best we can. During the warmer months of the year, we hope you and your loved ones are remaining healthy, and playing it safe on the road!

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