5 Pro Tips for Getting the Best Auto Insurance


Everybody wants the cheapest car insurance they can get. It’s only reasonable: if there’s something you need, you don’t want to pay too much for it. The trade-off, though, is that it can be hard to find the cheapest car insurance if you don’t know what to look for. That’s where we come in: when we’re looking for the lowest insurance possible, here’s what we do (well, aside from using the company discount, of course).

#1) Be a Good Driver

We know, we know, you don’t need us to tell you to drive safely. Except, uh, you kind of do: “Do as I say, not as I do” tends to be the rule of the road when it comes to safety. Besides, the fewer crashes, tickets, and claims you have in your history, the less of a risk you are. Just make an effort to drive better, and you’ll find you’ll get cheaper car insurance as a reward.

#2) Have a Car That Insurers Love

It’s not exactly a hot secret, but it bears repeating: if you own a car that’s more likely to crash, your insurance is automatically going to be higher. Muscle cars and zippy sports cars in particular are going to be costly. Partially this is because of how other people drive; even if it’s your grandma driving that Camaro at 55 miles an hour, people will still react as if she’s a speed demon.

So, for your day-to-day driving, own a car that’s more sedate. The absolute cheapest type of vehicle to insure? The humble minivan. Nobody drag-races in the soccer mom’s car.

Another secret? The newer it is, and the fewer owners it has had, the better. A brand-new car is just statistically safer, as it has more safety features and less wear-and-tear, and is less likely to have a major part fall out and essentially total the car.

#3) Make Some Calls

Insurance is, as we all know, a numbers game. But what people rarely realize is that those numbers need interpretation. Different insurance companies will view your driving history, your vehicle, and your current situation in different ways. What’s a major drawback to one, another may not even care about. So, get a quote, but get quotes from multiple insurance companies, and see which one gets you the cheapest car insurance.

#4) Ask About Discounts

Depending on the company, there can be a few discounts…or there can be dozens. For example, members of certain organizations will get discounts from certain insurers simply because the two have a certain relationship. But don’t think it’s limited to joining a group. If your car is being outfitted with safety extras, like more airbags or a back-up camera, don’t hesitate to mention it to your insurer. That may qualify you for a few crucial percentage points off your overall policy.

#5) Negotiate

It’s pretty simple: insurance companies want your business. After all, collecting those premiums is what keeps them in the black and your insurance salesman bringing home those commissions. If you have a lower price from a competitor, come back and see what they can do for you.

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