5 Stupid Mistakes That Car Thieves Want You to Make


You may think that the profession of car thievery is a stupid career choice, but keep in mind that some of these people are actually preying on our very own stupidity.

Sure, many of us take the proper precautions to secure our vehicles from theft, but everyone catches a case of the “stupids” from time to time. That’s when smart car thieves strike.

Are there smart car thieves, you ask? Well, just keep in mind there’s always someone in a given field who is excellent at their job. Avoid these 5 mistakes, and you’ll be one step smarter than they are.

Do you have any tips to add?  Check out these 5 mistakes and let us know what you think:

1.  Leaving Your Car Running Without You in It

Not every car is smart enough to lock itself up when you leave it running. Hey, this isn’t an episode of Knight Rider whereby the car has its own brain. And you’re likely not David Hasselhoff, whom thieves know not to hassle. So if you’re going to leave your car, turn it off.

2.  Keeping Your Windows Down

Car thieves love rolled-down windows. It’s totally pointless to lock your doors if you’ve got your windows down, and it doesn’t matter if it’s just a little crack. Ever had a tow truck unlock your car door with the keys inside? Yeah, it’s even easier with some open window space.

 3.  Not Having an Anti-Theft System


The majority of vehicles these days have a security system, and if you are in the market for a car you should opt for one. The chances of your car getting stolen may be remote, but you’ll save on insurance and a lot of headaches by choosing a ride that’s equipped with some sort of theft deterrent.

4.  Not Parking in Well-Lit Areas

If you’re going to park your car somewhere at night, try to do so in a well-lighted spot. Streetlights are there to deter criminal activity. So when it comes to a thief deciding to steal your car, versus one located in pitch black, you’re probably going to see your car again when you need it, if it’s parked near some light.

5.  Not Locking Your Car!


Sure, back when you were 17 and owned a Dodge Dart, you probably didn’t lock that beast up. But you’ve likely moved up the vehicular food chain to something nicer by now. So, get in the habit of locking your car when you leave it. Consider getting a remote on your keychain to help you remember.

A Few Extra Tips:
•    Keep copies of all your important vehicular documents at home. Insurance, registration, title, and license plate number.
•    Spare keys need to be kept somewhere safe. Don’t leave them lying around!
•    Don’t leave valuables in plain sight—this includes iPods, laptops, GPS units, and stereo systems. Put them in the trunk or under a seat.

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