5 Weirdest Real-Life DUI Cases

Over one million Americans are pulled over for suspected DUIs every year. When you’re dealing with that many drunken people, you run into some strange situations! Here are some of the most wacked out scenarios that have taken place on America’s streets. Remember folks, stay safe, and get yourself a designated driver. Think before you drink!


Cop on Segway Arrests Drunk Driver

A police officer in Michigan spotted a possible drunk driver while on a Segway! While the suspected woman was driving 40mph, the officer was very persistent – trudging along at a top speed of 12.5 mph until he caught up with her at an intersection. When a field sobriety test was performed, the woman failed. Hopefully this guy called for backup – with a patrol car – as soon as he could.


Double Drunken Smoky Burnouts

No, that’s not the name of a straight-to-DVD movie (although it’s a great title). Sean M. Jones, of Dalton, GA, was arrested twice in a 24-hour period for laying down rubber while under the influence. Jones, 19, was arrested for DUI on a Tuesday night, and when released from jail was back in the slammer for the same thing again by Wednesday night! It’s probably going to be hard for this guy to get auto insurance.


Alternative to a Car?

Two men were arrested for DUI, using a mule and a horse as a form of transportation, while drinking. Perhaps they thought this was a safer method of travel for heading to the bar, but police officers in Austin, TX don’t seem to agree with that. While the charges were later reduced to public intoxication, riding animals is clearly not advisable while drunk in the state of Texas.


Wite-Out Doesn’t Hide Your Drunkenness

A man who was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence and taken to the police department for a breath test had an idea. Why not try to drink some Wite-Out at a desk adjacent to him in order to mask his breath? Unfortunately, that did not work, and resulted in “white-out” lips and ultimately a .28 blood alcohol level, as well as a trip to the hospital for a stomach pump.


Dude, It’s Cool – I’m an FBI Agent/Dog!

When cops pulled over Kyle Hagans for suspicion of DUI, he told officers that he was an FBI agent on the hunt for a criminal, giving them a false name. After he was arrested, he told officers he was going to behave like a dog, and lifted his leg to urinate. This guy was eventually charges with DUI, impersonating a law enforcement agent and using a false identity, although it’s not clear if that was for being a canine.

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