6 Best Runaway Car Videos

There’s nothing quite like a good madcap comedy to bring out the belly laughs in any audience. But perhaps the next best thing is real-life video footage of unscripted “madcap comedic” events. One scenario that never fails to get a chuckle? The runaway car.

With that in mind, we present the six funniest videos of runaway cars on the Web. (Warning: do not drink and milk while viewing these, lest it wind up all over your keyboard and monitor.)


1. Don’t push me!


Okay, there are times when you must get out and push your vehicle. But one of these times is not on a downhill-sloping icy road. (What could possibly go wrong? Plenty.) But the best part is the unintentional comedy provided by the displaced driver. The only thing missing is a cartoon music score.

2. Rolling toward disaster

This video begins with an uninhabited red car rolling through a parking lot. A business man sprints after it, but watches as his vehicle crashes through some bushes. But our hero is undaunted. He continues his foot pursuit and actually reaches the escaping vehicle – but will he stop it before the car reaches heavy traffic? We won’t spoil the ending for you.

3. Sneaking away at the gas pump


This scene begins as just another motorist pulling up to the gasoline pumps. A man gets out and begins filling up a gas can. After several seconds, the minivan suddenly decides to take a little stroll. Keep watching – you’ll find yourself yelling, “Turn around, you idiot!” at the computer – just like you would at a horror film.

4. Running from the cops – without a driver


Thanks to the miracle of police dashcam video, we see a kindly woman pulling over to the curb as per the instructions of a law enforcement officer. She is trying to obey the policeman’s commands – but the car has other ideas. It tries to make a break for it as the poor woman attempts to break out of its clutches.

5. Keystone cop car

Another dashcam video, but this one is different. It features the police car itself rolling away! The viewer is treated to a “first-person” look at an attempted traffic stop in a parking lot as it turns into a hilarious foot chase by the furious officer. (The audio is priceless IF you don’t mind salty language – otherwise, you can still enjoy it with the sound on mute.)

6. “Blast” from the past: perpetual motion in reverse

There’s so many nuggets of bliss in this tale, which takes place a quarter century ago on the streets of Baltimore. A baby-blue “boat” car inexplicably gets stuck in reverse and proceeds to drive in backwards circles. So how does an off-duty cop solve this problem? By putting it out of its misery. But the best part of this video has to be the retro styles and the background music. (God, I miss “Sanford and Son.”)

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