6 Cars That Win Points With the Ladies

When asked why they bought their car, men will give a variety of different responses. They may talk about its power or performance, how economical and sensible it is, its safety features (and reduced auto insurance costs), or how they got a great value and saved money.

But the vast majority of them are lying. That’s because men buy cars for the same reasons they make many other kinds of decisions: to impress the ladies.

So for those guys who want to embrace reality and quit confusing themselves with industry buzzwords like “resale value,” “affordable,” and “practical,” here’s the list that you’ve been waiting for. Presenting: six different vehicles that will score points with the fairer sex.

Mitsubishi Eclipse

Surprisingly, it’s well-documented that women tend to find the Eclipses sleek and sexy. Maybe it’s because ladies who grew up loving Cinderella have a fantasy of being spirited away in a horse-drawn carriage. Driving a woman around in an Eclipse is exactly like that — if the carriage had 18-inch alloy wheels, a scoop on the back, and 165 horses underneath the hood.

Mazda 6

This car boasts a nice balance of power, comfort, sportiness, and amenities (not to mention a big back seat). But it makes this list because women are always looking for a man who is different from the rest. Which is why they’re drawn to the Mazda 6: because it’s a sedan that’s chock full of style and charisma — unlike the cookie-cutter Camrys and Corollas and Civics and ZZZZzzzzzz…

Toyota Plug-in Prius Hybrid

The driver of the Prius practically screams to the world, “I wholeheartedly care about the environment!” Since you rarely have to resort to putting fume-belching gasoline in it, you don’t make a habit of befouling the air around you. To women, this sends the message that you are a guy who is sensitive, kind, caring, giving, in touch with your feelings, and all that other touchy-feely crap that women say they like about a man.

Ford F-150

If you find a woman who likes pickup trucks, you can almost guarantee that she will be fun loving, free spirited, and low maintenance: much like the Ford F-150 — which also has a smooth ride and features lots of creature comforts. Hey, they don’t call the middle of a pickup’s bench seat the “girlfriend seat” for nothing.

Lexus IS F

Okay, let’s face it: women tend to like men who drive expensive cars. (It’s been scientifically proven.) Even so, the Lexus IS F, which starts at around $61,000, still gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It comes with a 416 horsepower 5-liter V8 engine, excellent handling and acceleration, and interior features such as leather upholstery, heated seats, a Levinson surround-sound system, and a voice-activated navigation system so you can say, “Take us to my super-groovy love cave.”

Porsche 911 GT2 RS

There’s nothing like a $245,000 sports car to make a lady go weak in the knees. And its outlandishly-fast 610 horsepower engine, catlike cornering ability, and speed to burn are bound to make her swoon. When owners of this fine automobile begin describing their rise to a lady, it’s not uncommon for her to say, “You had me at Porsche!”

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