6 Celebrities Who Treat Their Cars Better Than People

Do you know someone who makes you take off your shoes before getting into his car, and obsesses every time he sees a speck of dirt on its hood? These are the individuals who probably treat their vehicles with more respect and TLC than they do the people they interact with. They’re pretty much a car insurance company’s dream.

Now imagine if these car-geeks had near-unlimited funds with which to indulge their automotive passions. The result may look a great deal like these six celebrity car lovers.


clip_image001 Jay Leno – He might be the best-known celebrity vehicle collector in America. The host of NBC’s "Tonight Show" houses his hundreds of vintage vehicles — which get the white-glove treatment — in multiple football-field sized warehouses. His Southern California property contains a full machine shop and a comprehensive mechanic tool set-up. What’s more, he employs several people whose sole job it is to maintain his cars, motorcycles, and even a vintage fire truck.

Ralph Lauren – Some people separate their wardrobe by color. The famous fashion designer does the same thing with his classic sports car collection. To accomplish this, Lauren has three huge garages which contain his 70+ roadsters. And to prevent waiting in line at the gas pumps, Lauren’s garage comes with its own gas station and battery tender.


Mitt Romney – Whether or not the former Massachusetts governor wins the presidency in November, Romney will still have enough money to live comfortably. So much so that he is currently renovating his California beach house to include amenities like a 3,600 square foot basement, an outdoor shower, … and a split-level auto garage complete with an elevator for each of the four cars it will hold. The home, which sits at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in the San Diego neighborhood known as La Jolla, will not be completed before he would move into the White House.


Adam Carolla – The talk show host-slash-comedian is an admitted gearhead, having once completely constructed a replica of a Porsche 911 RS himself. So Carolla decided that he needed a garage worthy of his love of automobiles. To accomplish this goal, Carolla put an elevator in his Hollywood Hills, California, home that allows him to move his cars to and from a huge glass-walled showroom. The property even includes an office and entertainment lounge (for humans, not cars).


Bill Gates – Lots of people love their classic cars, but how many would actually go to court over them? The Microsoft founder had to do just that when officials in Washington state found out about his rare 1988 Porsche 959 which wasn’t street-legal (due to a lack of a catalytic converter). After the car was impounded by U.S. Customs, Gates had to fight forcefully to earn the freedom to even own and display the vehicle. A federal law was eventually passed that gave Gates that right.


Jerry Seinfeld – Like the comedian himself, there’s more to Seinfeld’s New York City garage than meets the eye. The unassuming structure is sandwiched between two buildings, but contains five parking spaces (which is unheard of in the Big Apple) and touchscreen wall controls. Inside the garage is a 1964 Porsche 911 — the only air-cooled 911 ever built. Seinfeld bought the rare but rusted-out vehicle, and then spent some $200,000 resorting it to mint condition. That’s love.

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