6 Teens Killed in SUV Car Crash in Ohio

According to an article on Huffingtonpost.com, a deadly accident in Ohio took the lives of 6 teenagers this past weekend. “A speeding sport utility vehicle taken without permission and carrying eight teenagers crashed into a guardrail Sunday morning and flipped over into a swampy pond in northeast, Ohio, killing five boys and the young woman driving, the state highway patrol said.”

The two surviving boys escaped from the vehicle and ran a quarter-mile to a home to call 911. The six that were killed were ages 14-19.

The city of Warren, Ohio is now in mourning as they come to grips with this tragic accident that seems to have affected everyone in some way.

While auto insurance is supposed to help prepare for the unexpected and is always a necessity while driving, certainly, nothing could have prepared for a tragic event like this. Sometimes, it takes an event that hits close to home, such as this one does, to realize just how fragile and precious life can be. Everyone at SafeAuto Insurance sends their deepest condolences to the families of the deceased and our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Warren, Ohio.

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