7 Hilarious Videos Of Non-Drivers Behind The Wheel

Cars can only be driven by adult humans, right? Wrong. Here are seven videos we found — of everybody from babies to animals — getting behind the wheel… and driving better than some adults we know. Car insurance companies, watch out!

1. Hey, At Least He Knows The Horn

OK, so this baby is “driving” a car being towed. Nonetheless, it is incredibly cute. Also, we like that he knows exactly what the horn does, and keeps trying to get it to go off. That either says something about his parents’ driving, or way too much about the traffic he sits in.

2. Somehow We Doubt He’s Licensed

Not everybody is a huge fan of the giant stuffed teddy bears you can get on boardwalks and county fairs across the nation. Some people find them a bit creepy. Imagine how much more creepy they’ll seem when these cars are actually mobile!

3. But How’d He Start the Ignition?

We remain a bit skeptical of this one, for two reasons. One, we’re not sure of the journalistic credibility of GossipBerry (call us crazy). Secondly, there’s a moment in the video, specifically when the cameraman rests the “camera” on his thigh for a second, where they could have inserted a cut and put a human behind the wheel.

On the other hand, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that there’s a driving circus bear wandering the Russian woods. Or at least that’s what we like to imagine.

4. Smart Boy!

This, on the other hand, is not a scam or special effects. A New Zealand animal shelter has actually trained dogs to drive specially-outfitted cars. Why? Well, to demonstrate that mutts — which is what Porter, Ginny, and Monty are — are not lesser dogs compared to purebred animals, and also that man’s best friend has substantially more intelligence than people think.

Although, you’ll notice they weren’t training a Lab. They’re not perfect drivers, but they’re a lot better than some humans we could name!

5. But Doesn’t He Get a Little Helmet?

True, a motorcycle isn’t a car. But that’s still an animal — specifically a monkey — driving a vehicle that he probably shouldn’t be handling. We particularly like that his motorcycle is built to scale, but we have to scold him for not wearing a helmet. Even if it’s not legally required, little monkey, it’s still a good idea.

6. Cats Don’t Have Licenses For a Reason

What did you expect Charlie to do? He’s a cat. Cats don’t drive. We’re just impressed he could reach the accelerator.

7. Some People Take A Concept Just a Little Too Far

Finally, we’ve got this video, which, while staged, is easily the most elaborate one we’ve seen. That car prop was built to scale for both animals, placed in front of a green screen, and carefully matched to footage shot elsewhere. For, as far as we can tell, the owner’s amusement.

Hey, at least it shows off how well-behaved their pets are!

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