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Are You Following These Three Crucial Traffic Laws?

Traffic laws
July 9, 2020

For new and experienced drivers alike, it is imperative to follow traffics laws, both for driver and pedestrian safety. There’s a lot to know in order to do your part to ensure everyone is safe on the roadways.

If you haven’t been driving in a while, it can feel overwhelming to review the various laws in place to keep us all safe on your own. Here are a few key pointers that will help you maintain your driving record and avoid accidents the next time you head out.

Traffic laws

The three crucial traffic laws to know

When it comes to the safety of driving, it is so important to frequently review traffic laws, both as a best practice to make sure you are up to date, and to secure your spot as a well-informed, safe driver. There’s a lot to learn, but these three crucial areas will prepare you to hit the road again refreshed and ready to drive while obeying laws put in place to protect you and your passengers.

Use Your Turn Signals

All modern cars are equipped with turn signals that help us signal to other drivers’ our intentions when we’re behind the wheel. In fact, our communication methods with others on the road are limited, so it’s important to use the signals, such as your turn signals, horn, and lights, with properly.

Using your turn signals is one of the crucial road rules that often slips out of practice, perhaps because it is so easy to forget when you’re the only driver on the road. However, using them consistently is crucial for everyone’s safety. Remember, when we’re in our cars, we’re also controlling a ton of metal beneath our feet! By using our turn signals, we help avoid potential traffic accidents.

Obey Traffic Signage

When you’re piloting a vehicle, it’s important to pay attention to the changing road and traffic signage in order to take care to obey any posted signs you see. By doing so, we look out for other’s who may be using the road, such as cyclists or pedestrians, as well as ourselves.

Here are a few common signs to watch for when you’re driving:

  1. School zones – Speed limits may change to protect children on the way to class. Follow the posted speed and look out for pedestrians who may be crossing the road.
  2. Traffic lights – Follow the traffic lights, stopping on red, preparing to stop and exercising caution on yellow, and going on green. Look both ways before crossing the intersection to ensure the road is clear of drivers going the other way.
  3.  Pedestrian crossings – watch out for areas marked as pedestrian crossings where people may be attempting to cross the street.

Buckle Up

Driving is a wonderful convenience that cuts down our travel time immensely. But that travel isn’t 100 percent safe. When it comes to driver safety, the number one thing you can do is buckle up. While some drivers are reluctant due to common myths, the truth is, wearing a seat belt can protect you if the worse happens. If you get into an accident, it can greatly decrease your likelihood of serious injury.

The bottom line.

Driving is an amazing thing and when we all work together in obeying traffic laws, it’s safer for everyone. Please follow these laws and buckle up the next time you’re behind the wheel. Wishing you safety!

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