Auto Accident While Driving Uninsured – Norm Macdonald Commercial

SafeAuto Insurance spokesman, Norm Macdonald, discusses the importance and benefit of always driving with insurance. In his latest video, Norm tells a story about his friend Dave, who got into an accident while driving uninsured.

According to Fox News, car crashes kill 40,000 people in America every year. Even though Norm puts a clever spin on SafeAuto’s 30 second commercial, driving without insurance is certainly a pressing issue. 

Now, Dave and all of his laundry and blaring techno music are living in Norm’s house, which the state minimum auto insurance spokesman is not too happy about, to say the least.

So, why put yourself in a position to be in “total financial ruin” as Norm puts it, and why alienate your friends when SafeAuto Insurance offers a cheap and easy solution.

We’ll ensure that you’re insured. Watch Norm’s video (above) and visit for a free quote today.

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