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Back to School Safe Driving Tips

back to school driving safety tips
September 6, 2019

The heat of summer has faded, and the crisp air of fall is headed our way, which means children have gone back to school. As kids and parents readjust to their autumn routine, back to school safety topics are the talk of the town. With heavier morning commutes and longer evening drives home – it’s no secret that road congestion is picking up with each new day of the school year.

With more drivers on the road comes a higher potential of roadway hazards, making this time of year dangerous for children and drivers alike. Thus, autumn is a crucial time to read up on the best safety practices on and off the road.

back to school driving safety tips

To help protect you and your loved ones this school year, here is our list of back-to-school driving safety tips:

1. Slow down in school zones.

School days mean more traffic, making the drive to and from work longer. Even though morning and evening commute drivers may be tempted to race against the clock to get to work in a timely fashion, be on the lookout for school zones. It’s necessary to abide by these speed limits for the safety of everyone around.

2. Respect the yellow school bus.

Whether you are a new or seasoned driver, it’s pressing to follow school bus safety rules and laws. Although school buses are known to test our patience as drivers, they must be respected on the roadways. Yield when buses are trying to merge lanes, and don’t forget to maintain a significant distance behind them to prevent a collision from happening when unexpected stops are made for children on the bus.

3. Share the road with bicyclists.

Kids and young adults will be on the road to scurry to and from school, sometimes by bike, and it’s essential to safely share the road with them. Bicyclists are to ride on the right side of the road, but sometimes they will ride in front of you. Therefore, it’s best to be aware of your speed as well as the distance between your car and any bicyclists around you.

4. Be cognizant of pedestrians.

While crosswalks are designated for pedestrians to properly cross the street, not every pedestrian uses them. When driving through school zones, it’s a good rule of thumb to remain vigilant of pedestrians walking near or on the roadways themselves. As people tend to jaywalk, dart across the road, or text while walking across the street, it’s crucial as a driver to remain attentive toward other individuals to prevent an accident from happening.

Whether you are a new or a seasoned driver, it’s always a good practice to refresh your memory on how to practice safe driving during the school year. By practicing these safety tips, you can handle school zone safety properly all year long.

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