Before ‘America’s Got Talent’ No Shade Rocked Do The Jingle

For the second season in a row, NBC show America’s Got Talent featured a former SafeAuto Do The Jingle group.  This year, that group was No Shade.  Consisting of multi-talented dancers/rappers/tumblers Jo’el and D-Flo from Columbus, Ohio, No Shade was quickly given the boot after their singing ability did not match their very large stage presence. 

No Shade claims a technical error caused them to get behind on the track, affecting their performance and have even issued a YouTube video apology/remake.  Either way, we here at the Play It Safe Blog are proud to see No Shade join The B.A.D.D. Girls as former Do The Jingle contestants getting exposure on national TV.  Combined with Lady Rerun’s current nationally televised commercial, former Do The Jinglers are really starting to make their mark.  Just remember where they got their big break.

Below is No Shade’s America’s Got Talent entry, along with their original Do The Jingle entry:


No Shade on the web:

No Shade makes their presence felt on America’s Got Talent:
No Shade’s original Do The Jingle entry

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