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We didn’t think that there could be anything more exciting than a championship game that had 1. Coaches who are also brothers facing off against each other, 2. A 49ers quarterback in his tenth (ever) NFL start, and 3. The final game of an NFL all-star, but then we saw this year’s big game car commercials. There were a lot of them. Some were good, some were bad, but since we love cars so much at SafeAuto, we’ve decided to give you a little recap.

Hyundai had a lot of commercials this year. From trying to convince you that whether you’re planning an “Epic Playdate” or gathering your gang to stand up to the neighborhood bullies, the Santa Fe is the car for you. They also quickly convince viewers that “It’s Better to be in the Front” in their commercial for the Turbo.


Toyota’s “Wish Granted” commercial stars Kaley Cuoco as a genie giving one family everything they could ever dream of (or really it seemed just the first strange things that popped into their minds).

Volkswagen’s “Get In, Get Happy” commercial showed viewers the power of a smile (and a ride in one of their cars) through their use of a man from Minnesota with a Jamaican attitude (and accent).

Mercedes Benz created a commercial with Kate Upton washing one of their cars (in slow motion, of course).

And our favorites? The Mercedes-Benz commercial with the guy who is ready to sell his soul to the devil for a Benz (and all the perks that come along with it) until he sees the billboard across the street advertising the newest model for under $30k AND the Audi commercial that makes going to the prom stag seem like it’s not such a bad idea.

Another one of our favorites was the Dodge Ram’s “God Made a Farmer” commercial. The spot was subtle and touching.

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