Best Car Brands of 2013 – Consumer Reports News

Consumers have spoken and the verdict is out for the best car brands of 2013. According to Consumer Reports News, the survey scores reflect how consumers perceive each brand in seven categories, including quality, safety, value, performance, design/style, technology/innovation, and environmentally friendly/green. Combining those factors gives the total brand-perception score.

At SafeAuto, we insure a wide variety of brands, but the only thing we know for sure is which car insurance is the best (and most affordable). So, we’ll let the Consumer Report’s survey results for best car brand speak for themselves. 

Toyota 133
Ford 118
Honda 114
Chevrolet 94
Mercedes-Benz 77
Volvo 77
Cadillac 66
BMW 66
Dodge 56
Tesla 55
Lexus 50
Subaru 50
Audi 47
GMC 45
Hyundai 43
Buick 42
Nissan 41
Smart 35
Lincoln 33
Chrysler 32

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