Best Friends From Georgia Team Up For SA ‘Do The Jingle’ Contest

Lorenzo Price and D.J. Easter are not only best friends, they are band-mates as well. The two are life-long friends who grew up locally playing music they wrote in front of as many people as they could get to listen. Now, at 23 and 24 years old, respectively, their dreams to be famous musicians are still intact.

“We started out as two annoying kids in high school always getting into trouble but somehow, someway we found music and a mutual chemistry together and we’ve been writing our own songs ever since,” explains Price.

While expensive equipment and studio time has sometimes kept them down, the two friends have always been very clear about what they wanted and are always looking for creative ways to get their music heard. “We’ve only been able to afford being original and keeping the love for music in our hearts. We saw this contest as a way to finally break out of small town America in Cartersville Georgia and finally be seen and heard by people who wouldn’t normally give us a chance,” says Price. “We feel that we have the creative ability to hopefully be heard, our jingle is one of a kind and totally original we stepped out of our box and into yours and into the state of GAs to write a country-comedy jingle.

Lorenzo and D.J. love to laugh and they love to make people laugh. That was the goal of their SafeAuto jingle. “For us winning this contest would mean the world and that we may do what few do, and what we love to do most but on the biggest scale,” adds Price. “We would finally get to make the world laugh and we would finally get to be exposed for the practical jokers and children at heart that we will always be.”

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