Best Green Car on the Market

Though this new electric car is about to be launched in the UK and may not even be available in the US, we’ve heard so many great things that we couldn’t help but write a post about it as the best green car on the market.

According to, “Renault ZOE is the first supermini car to be designed as an all-electric model. A city car ideal for everyday use, it boasts the latest technology. Renault ZOE ships with six world firsts, designed to make it an easy-to-drive connected car with significant range.” is a database of new green cars and allows you to search and compare cars based on many different criteria. We had a chance to catch up with them about he Renault ZOE and they were in agreement about this car being the best green car on the market. “With the ZOE, the first all-electric supermini, Renault offers an EV with potential to ignite the mass-market,” explains Melanie Shufflebotham of Next Green Car. “Form and function are stylishly combined to provide zero-emissions and a 130 mile range; all for the same price as a conventional model.”

There’s no question that this is the best option when it comes to affordable green cars that are great for any lifestyle. “The most convincing electric car yet by far as Renault goes straight to the end game and by-passes the halfway house of hybrids,” Melanie adds. “For singles, couples or families doing less than 90 miles a day, the Renault ZOE is now a credible, fun and affordable alternative to an internal combustion engine car.”

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