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Best Road Trip Games Ranked

road trip games
September 4, 2019

Road trips make for a great American pastime. Instead of dealing with TSA and cramped airplane seats, your family and friends pile into the car and make the journey part of the vacation. A nice alternative to everyone staring silently at their phones for hours are car road trip games. You might remember a couple of these from your childhood trips.

Here are our top 10 games to play in the car and how you and your family can enjoy them on the road!

road trip games

Top 10 games to play on the road

10. Continue the story

To play Continue the Story, each person takes a turn saying a word. Together, you try to build an entire narrative with characters, quests, and more. This game is low conflict and great for people who can get a little too competitive in a cramped car.

9. Whistle a tune

Players take turns whistling their favorite songs. The other passengers must guess what the tune is to earn a point. The game ends when someone reaches 10 points.

8. Guess the flavor

Bring a big bag of mixed jellybeans along for the ride. Each person is given ten jellybeans, one at a time, and attempts to guess the flavor. Record correct guesses. Whoever gets the most correct guesses, wins.

7. The color game

This one requires a little prep. You’ll need a piece of paper and pencil for everyone playing and a point summary sheet. On the point summary sheet, write down car colors and their corresponding point value, like so:

Each person is responsible for their own score sheet, recording the number of each they see. The first person to 1,000 points wins.

Expert tip: You can change the number of points needed depending on how long your road trip is!

6. I spy scavenger hunt

Here’s another one that requires a little prep! Decide on common road trip sights and assign each with a point value. When an item on the list is spotted, players must shout “I spy a ______!” filling in the blank with whatever the sight is. They then earn the points for that item. The first to accrue 500 points wins.

Here are some sights you can use and suggested point values:

5. ABCs

This is a good one to play if your passengers are young. Take turns naming things that start with each letter of the alphabet. When you reach Z, you start again.

Expert tip: Try not to repeat any words you’ve already used.

4. Remember this

The first player chooses a category and names an item that fits in it. In a circle, each person names an additional item and repeats the ones that came before. If they forget an item or name the wrong one, they are out. Last person standing wins! Players take turns choosing the category.

3. Who am I?

One person silently selects a prominent figure they think everyone will recognize. Players ask yes or no questions, trying to figure out enough information to guess the identity. For each question asked, the selector earns a point. For each wrong guess, the selector earns 5 points. Play to 100 points

2. Animal investigation

During Animal Investigation, one person thinks of an animal and keeps it secret. The other players can ask 20 questions to determine what animal it is. If they guess wrong at the end, the selector wins.

1. License plate search

The king of all road trip games is License Plate Search. While the name isn’t all that exciting, the game is surprisingly fun! Everyone tries to spot a license plate from each state during the drive. Can anyone find an Alaska or Hawaii? Whoever spots all 50 first is the winner.

We hope your road trip is as safe as it is fun! Before you get in the car, remember to do a quick check to make sure you have everything you need to have a good time. When you finally reach your destination, we hope you have as good a time as you did on the road.

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