Beth Burden Moving Up 'Do The Jingle' Charts

Beth Burden has loved music ever since she could remember. She wrote her first song on the piano when she was 5 and performed countless little acapella concerts for her family. As she grew up, Beth formed the acoustic duo Mother Jane and played music on the weekends and produced 4 albums which were played on 150 plus non-commercial radio stations. Burden took the plunge back in 2009 and closed her residential cleaning business and has been playing music full-time ever since.

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Burden has always had the knack for writing little ditties and just singing them to her doggies.  The jingle the Lexington, Kentucky native wrote for SafeAuto Insurance stands out because it is meaningful and catchy. “I have written a jingle that a hit artist would actually do. When fully produced, this jingle could be played on a top 40 radio station.”

Beth’s jingle is inspired by old Motown music.  It’s written starting out with the chorus first to grab the listener’s attention right off the bat.  There can be many different interpretations on the style also as it is influence by Amy Whinehouse’s ode to old school soul.

Burden truly feels her SafeAuto jingle would me a memorable ones. “I believe listeners can feel the naturalness of the ditty.  Honesty and simplicity sells plus my tune is catchy!”

To view Beth Burden’s SafeAuto jingle, click here.

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