“Big Brian” Hopes to Make Large Impression in SafeAuto Music Contest

Brian Armstrong, or Big Brian, as he calls himself, was not always a musician. He started his career as a body builder, weightlifter, and football player, but turned to music as he got older because he had many musician friends and also knew that “I wasn’t going to be pumping iron for the rest of my life.”

Brian began to play the guitar and then his friends encouraged him to begin playing the piano as well. “I grew up listening to all types of music and I like all kinds of music,” exclaimed Brian. “The music that I like and play is as diverse as my friends and family are.”

Big Brian got his start by putting his videos up on YouTube and hopes that his SafeAuto jingle receives the same positive feedback as many of his other videos. “My jingle stands out amongst the competition because it has a heavy metal edge to it mixed with Rock & Roll,” explained Brian. “It would be totally amazing and a great honor to represent SafeAuto in a commercial. I’m just honored to even be in the contest.”

To listen to Brian’s jingle and to vote for your favorite SafeAuto jingle, visit www.dothejingle.com.


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