Brooklyn Native Wins SafeAuto’s iPad2 Facebook Contest!

In conjunction with the fourth annual “Do The Jingle” competition, SafeAuto Insurance had an iPad 2 giveaway on their Facebook page. The prize giveaway on the social networking website was one of the contributing factors to the large increase in “likes” on the SafeAuto Facebook page throughout the duration of the contest.

Michael Carmine Castelluzzo, an eighteen-year-old avid social media user from Brooklyn, New York was thrilled upon hearing the news that he had won SafeAuto’s online contest. “I started to cry!” exclaimed Castelluzzo. “I was shocked; I’ve never won anything before in my life.”

Typically, SafeAuto only deals with tears when talking to drivers that didn’t play it safe and got caught driving without car insurance. The joy that the iPad2 prize brought to Mr. Castelluzzo was certainly a feel good story. “We made one of our Facebook fans extremely happy while bringing more attention to the company’s Facebook page,” said Emerging Media Manager, Douglas Mason. “We were able to accomplish the best of both worlds with this iPad2 contest.”

Michael is a strong advocate of businesses running Facebook competitions online. “I love when companies are active with social media because it shows that they care about their clients. It also allows the public to share their thoughts about the company.”

SafeAuto strives to be the leader in providing the online community with the most entertaining content of any auto insurance company. From social media contests and sponsorship promotions to behind-the-scenes videos, SafeAuto continues to be a trendsetter in the social frontier. Michael Carmine Castelluzo can attest to that. “This contest is proof that there are still great companies out there who give back to the public and are not afraid of listening to feedback.”

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