Car Care Myths, Debunked.

How often do you change your motor oil? Every 3,000 miles like you hear in many auto care commercials?  Truth is, most cars can easily handle 7,500 miles before oil changes are needed, depending on your driving conditions. That’s not the only thing you probably didn’t know about your ride.

How much should you inflate your tires? Do you get more performance by using a higher grade fuel? Should you let your car “warm up” for a few minutes before driving it? The answer to these questions and more can be found here, according to this Yahoo! Autos article.

Of course, if you live on the East Coast right now, you are probably better off cross-country skiing through the city, like these people.

One question we hope you know the answer to is “Do I need car insurance to drive my car.”  If you don’t have it, we know a place where you can get some affordable auto insurance.

[Source: Reality Check On Car-Care Myths via Yahoo! Autos]

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