Car Damage in Oklahoma Tornado – Moore, Oklahoma Vehicle Damage

Mostly everyone has returned to their homes to begin assessing damage after last week’s tornados in Oklahoma City. Many, however, found empty lots and indescribable damage where their homes once stood.

According to, the tornado has been classified as the most devastating funnel cloud punch Mother Nature can deliver. The death toll held steady at 24, including nine children. The deadliest tornado in U.S. history hit Joplin, MO in 2011, killing 158 and injuring hundreds more. This tornado was put in the same class.

According to, the Oklahoma tornado damage could top $2 billion. A large portion of the damage can be attributed to damaged cars. Vehicles were turned upside down and demolished due to the horrific tornado.

With winds more than 200 miles per hour, it is not surprising that very little was left in tact above ground. As Oklahoma begins to rebuild and recover, our hearts continue to go out to them and we keep them in our thoughts and in our prayers.

As we mentioned in our blog post last week, we want to do everything and anything we can to help our customers in the area. We have proactively called all of our customers, however, if we haven’t gotten in touch with you yet and you need help filing a claim, please call us or visit our website at

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