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Car Maintenance: What Do You Need to Check and Why?

car maintenance
February 16, 2022

Between working, paying the bills, taking care of the kids, and so much more, where is the time (and money) to get your oil changed? The last thing you want to do is take your car for a tune-up, but remember that your car helps you get from Point A to Point B. Don’t risk getting stranded – take care of your car so your car can take care of you. 

One of the most basic car maintenance necessities is an oil change. Depending on your vehicle and how much you drive, oil changes could be necessary every 3,000 miles or could be put off until every 5,000 or more miles. Murfreesboro Auto Repair gives us some insight into why you should stick to a consistent oil change schedule: 

A vital part of your car that needs checked often is your tires. No matter how clean your oil is, you won’t get anywhere without tires. Having good tire pressure helps make your vehicle as efficient as possible. Many newer vehicles have tire pressure gauges built in and can alert you when tires are getting low in pressure. However, if you don’t have that feature you’ll need to check it manually using a tire pressure gauge. Your vehicle’s manual should tell you the appropriate pressure for the tires. Tire pressure can drop in cold weather so it’s especially important to check during the winter months. In addition to the pressure, it’s also a good idea to check the tread on your tires. Bridgestone Tire recommends performing the Penny Test to see if your tread is wearing down. 

The fluids under your car’s hood help maintain so many different things and should be checked on a regular basis and filled as needed. Coolant helps to prevent engine overheating, transmission fluid keeps your transmission functioning properly, and wiper fluid makes sure you can clean off your windshield. These are just a few that you should keep an eye on. You can check them from the comfort of your garage or they can be checked by the professionals at your favorite auto shop. 

Rounding out our simple car maintenance overview are your car’s lights. Often forgotten about until you’re being pulled over for missing a brake light, it’s a good idea to make sure your headlights, brake lights, and turn signals work properly. The last thing anyone wants is to be in an accident because another driver couldn’t see their turn signal. There is so much more to a car’s functionality than the few things we listed here so make sure to get your car fully checked regularly. However, keeping these things in tip-top shape will surely help your car (and you) in the long run. If having some more protection against car mishaps sounds like a good idea, SafeAuto partners with ForeverCar to provide vehicle service plans. Visit SafeAuto’s website or call 1-877-715-9638 today for more information.

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