What’s It Like Working at SafeAuto as an At-Home Representative?

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SafeAuto has always been a great place to start a career, and did you know that you can have a career at SafeAuto from the comfort of your home? Our growing team of at-home customer service representatives was developed with our customers in mind: If our representatives aren’t distracted by office chatter or the looming stress of household chores (you can do laundry during lunch!), they can better focus on providing outstanding customer service to our policyholders.

We talked with a few SafeAuto at-home representatives about what it’s like helping our customers while working at home.

What’s the best part about working as an At-Home Representative?

“The extra time I get to spend with my kids.  There’s not an hour or more being spent on getting ready for work, an hour driving there and back….it’s a big difference!” — Deonna C.

“I am able to save gas and be at home with my disabled husband.” — Lanette C.

“I was driving over 100 miles per day. When we were working 10 hour shifts, I was gone over 13 hrs per day.” — Debra T.

What’s your working style?

“I have my office set up. That way there’s no outside noise or anything that could come through on a call. Now during lunch breaks and such, I will do laundry or dishes or run errands!” — Deonna C.

“I have an office, desk, phone, monitor, headphones,  and 2 windows. (I love being able to open/close windows at my own discretion!)” — Debra T.

What’s your favorite customer service memory so far working at SafeAuto?

“Every time a customer tells me how much they appreciate me taking the time to explain something or staying on the line with them while I locate their adjuster or help them with a problem….it all makes my job worth while.” — Deonna C.

“I have customers that want to talk to only me when they call in. They trust me and I appreciate that.” — Debra T.

Ok, just for fun: Did you name your car?

“I didn’t name my car but my daughter did—she calls the car Fred.  Not sure why or where she got the name from, but the Camry is now Fred.” — Deonna C.

SafeAuto is always looking for personable and motivated people to join our team and help us serve customers. If you’re interested in learning more about SafeAuto, visit our website and check out our careers page!

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