Carpool Lanes Apparently Not Mannequin-Friendly

We’ve all been there before. Sitting in gridlocked traffic on the freeway, only to look over to the HOV lane to see the smiles on the drivers faces, as they cruise by at 75 miles per hour, all because they were able to carpool to work with Sue from accounting. This story should bring a small smile to your face as a New Yorker was stopped for driving in the HOV lane with a mannequin instead of the required real-life breathing human. 

According the the deputy who issued the ticket, the tip-off was the sunglasses that the wigged torso was wearing on an otherwise cloudy day. The driver could have made the excuse that passenger just had their pupils dilated, hence the need for the glasses, but they seemed to just take the $135 ticket and two points on their license. 

At least Larry David had the good sense to hire a living person when he needed to use the carpool lane, although that didn’t end too well for him either. 

Anyway, chalk this one up as a lesson learned, as I’m currently making a Lenscrafters appointment for my mannequin to get her some trendy hipster glasses that would fool any cop.

[Source: MSNBC]

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