Cars of the Future: Cool Car Features Coming Our Way

With all the technological advancements happening around us, it’s hard to imagine that car technology could go even further than it already has. In the past few years, modern cars have been upgraded to warn you if you are going to veer into another lane, alert you when another car is too close to yours, brake automatically to prevent collisions, dim your high beams when another car is coming your way, and more.

Like any industry, car manufacturers are constantly looking to make the cars of the future that much more impressive. Thus, just when we think there isn’t anything else we could hope for, car manufacturers are working on newer models of cars that will have even more cool car features that will be available to drivers looking to upgrade their current ride.

Here are some of the new cool car tech that you can expect to see in cars in the next few years.

cars of the future

What’s coming our way in car technology

  • 1. Exit Warning Systems. We’ve all been there at one point or another – you’re parked on a street, are opening your car door, and just barely miss a cyclist, pedestrian, or an oncoming car. Thus, when your car is stationary in a situation like this, exit warning systems will be able to alert you if something is approaching your car from behind in order to know when it’s safe to jump back in your ride.
  • 2. Remote Smart Parking Assist. Say you come out to your car ready to hit the road and you notice that someone has parked way too close to you, making it difficult for you to even enter your car. With the remote parking assist feature, it will allow drivers to park in and exit a pull-in parking spot without you having to get behind the wheel to do so by using your key fob to activate the feature. Additionally, this feature also works with other safety features in the vehicle in order to sense if oncoming traffic may hinder your parking abilities to keep your car safe from a collision. Hyundai was the first to introduce this to the car industry marketplace this year, but other car manufacturers are jumping on board to make this a reality for their drivers.
  • 3. Advanced Airbags. As airbags have been a part of every car’s mold for years now, car manufacturers have been looking to improve them to better protect drivers in the event of a collision that triggers them. Specifically, Honda has created a three-chamber airbag that will catch and support the passenger’s head, protecting it from colliding with another part of the car. Similarly, Hyundai is in the process of developing an airbag that would further protect both the driver and the front-seat passenger from additional impact.
  • 4. Solar-Powered Cars. Although we are just getting used to electricity powering our vehicles, sunlight is now the next up-and-coming power source for cars. Although the likelihood of cars relying solely on solar energy isn’t probable right now, manufactures are working on utilizing solar energy as a supplementary power source to keep cars moving forward. Currently, Hyundai and Toyota are the first car manufacturers to begin including this in their 2020 car models.

The bottom line.

Thanks to today’s technological advances that have been made across every industry, we now have a plethora of cool car tech advancements heading our way in the years to come. Additionally, while we’re waiting for these advancements to be made across the automotive industry, we have a plethora of drive safe apps that are available at our fingertips to keep us safe on the roads ahead of us.

During the warmer months of the year, we hope you and your loved ones are remaining healthy, and playing it safe on the road.