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At SafeAuto, we always tell you how easy it is to get a free (and cheap!) auto insurance quote. Well, now we’re going to prove it by taking you through the process step-by-step.

After selecting your state in the “Get a Quote” section of our website (we provide state minimum auto insurance for residents of 16 states!), we’ll first ask you some basic questions about where you keep your vehicle. We’ll need your address and email address in this step. Once this step is completed, you are well on your way to getting your cheap auto insurance quote from SafeAuto.

Next, we’ll get the information about who exactly will be on your policy. Fill in your name, DOB, Social Security number, and marital status and then move on to the section about your driving and license status. We’ll need to know your license status, the state your license was issued in, and then we have a few questions about your driving habits and record, and your insurance history. Also, make sure you know whether you’ll need us to file an SR-22. This is a certificate mandated by the state to verify that an individual is maintaining auto insurance liability coverage. If you need this, you will.


Now, it’s time for section number three. Are there any other drivers that will be covered under your policy? If so, step three is where you add them. All household residents of driving age and anyone else who frequently drives a covered vehicle must be listed on the application. We’ll ask the same information about the other driver (or drivers) that we asked you in step two. If you’re the only one that will be covered under your policy, you can skip section three and continue on!

Section 4 is where we ask you about the vehicle (or vehicles) that you’ll be insuring. For this step, you’ll need to have all of your vehicle’s information handy, including the VIN (vehicle identification number), the vehicle year, make, model, and type. If you don’t have the VIN available, you can specify this on the form (though please note that adding your VIN will ensure that your auto insurance quote is as accurate as possible).

And then, you get your cheap auto insurance quote! Pretty easy, huh? We will provide you with your down payment and future payment prices, and then below, you can modify and adjust your coverage to best suit your needs. You can print your auto insurance quote for your records or save it in our system. Once we offer you your quote, it will be good for 30 days so you can take some time to think about it before committing.

Lastly, we’ll need a few more items of information from you, including your driver’s license number (so make sure you have that handy!) and your employer’s name. Once you have finished the application, you can review your policy and finally, make your payment. We’ll thank you for choosing SafeAuto, and voila, you’ll be insured!

It’s easy to get your cheap auto insurance quote online at (we hope we proved that in this blog!). If you have other questions about your policy or just want to speak to an agent though, you can always feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have.


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